During Term 1 we have enjoyed an abundance of tomatoes, zucchini and rhubarb from our garden.  These very versatile vegetables have been the key ingredient for many delicious recipes cooked in our school kitchen.

Recipes have included:

Zucchini soup
Zucchini slice
Ham and zucchini pikelets
Sweet zucchini muffins
Tomato, bean and spinach wraps
Rhubarb and ricotta turnovers

It is particularly pleasing to see the children all willing to try different foods and they often surprise themselves by really enjoying what they have cooked.  Recipes are readily available for the children to take home and they often tell me that they have cooked it at home.

We were amazed at how rapidly the zucchini were growing so we chose a plant with four zucchini of varying size and measured them daily over a two week period.  One of the zucchini grew 40cms during this period, it’s no wonder that they can soon grow to such a large size!  We are saving the seeds to use later in the year. 

This week we have been busy saving seeds from five varieties of tomatoes.  In the spring time we will sell some of our seed, sow some of the other and then sell the seedlings within our local community.  The children are excited to be involved in this project.

The 24 Carrot Garden Project is providing the students at Triabunna School with many educational outcomes.