During Term 1 our students have starting cooking with renewed enthusiasm and delight in discovering and creating many and varied delicious recipes with vegetables such as: tomatoes, zucchinis, cauliflower, carrots, rhubarb, pumpkin and an assortment of different fruits. Students also participate in preparing vegetables and fruit for chutneys and relishes.

We have juiced carrots and apples, made tasty and delicious ratatouille, curries, muffins with vegetables and fruit and delighted in tasting rhubarb and strawberry lemonade.

Students eagerly taste each new recipe, sharing their experiences with their class mates and their teachers.

Student comments:
'I like being part of cooking and eating new foods' grade 5 student.
'I have discovered I love to cook lots of new things' grade 6 student.
'Eating together at the table is fun' grade 4 student.
'I tell my mum about my cooking and I want to cook at home' grade 5 student.

For the duration of term one we have had continual garden construction.  It’s very exciting to see our beautiful enclosure now it’s nearing completion.  Our solid raised garden beds have been installed and complement the existing apple crates.  The three spacious compost bays will enhance our effective compost program.

We have had great success with our pumpkins this year enabling the kitchen to cook some amazing dishes.  Our yield of plump juicy tomatoes has allowed the children to cook an array of appetising recipes, relishes and chutneys.  We also had great success with chillies and zucchinis.

The students have planted a lavender hedge along the boundary fence of the garden to form a windbreak and to attract friendly insects.  Our garden suffers wind damage so we have been researching microclimates and bio-diversity to discover solutions within the garden environment.

It’s very satisfying to see the level of engagement from the children in Kitchen and Garden Classes and listening to the conversations amongst the groups.