Lunch with Judy Travers, our general Manager was fun except for getting oil splashed on my face from cooking the Indian Flat Bread.

On Tuesday 22nd November, I was asked to do some cooking for a special guest coming to lunch. I was excited and nervous. First Fran and I squeezed broad beans out of their pods to make baked potatoes filled with broad beans, fetta and leek.

Then I had to go down to the Garden with Fran to pick some mint for the iced water. I could only go as far as the gate because I've got cerebral palsy and I'm in a wheel chair. But that doesn't stop me, I was still able to help Fran carry the mint.

When we got back up to the kitchen, the Principal, Mr Kilpatrick walked in and helped set up the tables. He was talking to me about getting the room ready for lunch and he asked me if I would like to come to lunch with Judy Travers. "Ok", I said. I was really excited.

We cooked fritters, and tzatziki and parsley dip to go with the flat bread, as well as the potatoes. We also cooked yummy broccolini and leek soup. From the garden we used the broad beans, mint, leek, broccolini, parsley, peas.

Mrs Judy Travers was very impressed with the lunch and wants to be invited back again. I liked the soup the best even though it looked like a bowl of grass. I also liked helping set the table, especially trying to drive the wheelchair up the corridor holding on to a stack of glasses with Mrs Raymond trying to stop me crashing into the wall while she was also holding a stack of glasses! I really enjoyed helping prepare lunch and meeting Mrs Travers.