At its heart, 24 Carrot aims to sow seeds of lifelong learning in the areas of health, wellbeing and sustainability. Promoting the benefits of healthy eating and staying active is also a key health promotion message that staff at the Royal Hobart Hospital Emergency Department care deeply about.

The Royal Hobart Hospital Emergency Department (RHH ED) plays a vital role in the Southern Tasmanian community,community; seeing over 55,000 patients each year, a high percentage of whom them are from the same communities we work with in our 24 Carrot Garden schools.

ImaginED is a unique and innovative project created together by Staff at the RHH ED and Hobart-based artist Sara Wright. ImaginED wants to see the community take an active role in changing the ED public space through exciting art projects and human intervention, and explores how the staff can work together with consumers of the service to improve the Emergency Department experience for all.

Staff at the ED see over 180 patients daily and 20% of whom are patients are under the age of 16. 24 Carrot Gardens and ImaginED hope to make the waiting in the ED more engaging for kids and families, and to open up a discussion in our communities about what it means to make healthy choices for our bodies. This activity also gives the 24 Carrot Garden communities the opportunity to look after children and families who use the Emergency Department.

Our first collaborative installation took place in the RHH ED. The exhibition featured drawings and paintings from six of our schools themed on 'My Favourite Vegetable' linking in with the key health promotion message of the RHH: eat more veggies!