On Friday, 24 of March, we went to Long Gallery for The 10 days on the Island-Proof of Life: The Homesickness Project.  Before we went to the gallery we were split into 2 groups. One group was cooking stone soup for the people at the gallery and Jordan River Primary. The other group stayed in the classroom and did some art. The people in the class had to think of slogans to promote healthy eating and our school garden and made some great, creative posters. They also had to make a large poster of our stone soup recipe ingredients.


When we got to the gallery, the people sat everyone down and told us the rules and what was happening. They told us about the table in the back which we were eating at, while we were eating, a man told us a story about a king and his three daughters. They served our soup first then Jordan River Primary’s. We also had a big crusty bread roll. We had an awesome time!