Wow, it has been a super busy term at Springfield Gardens Primary so far. This year, we have started running the Move Well Eat Well program in conjunction with our fantastic kitchen garden program. Move Well Eat Well combines important healthy eating messages with a cooking focus utilising the fantastic fresh produce grown by Renee and the rest of the gardening classes throughout the term. We have been looking at how we can create healthy lunchboxes at the school, as well as healthy (and more importantly, delicious) after-school snacks. One of our biggest focuses is on eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day and it is so easy to do with the array of colourful vegetables in our growing garden.

Last term, students from all grades contributed in making colourful, healthy and tasty food for our Harmony Day/LiFT (Learning in Families Together) launch BBQ, which was a great success. The best thing about it was sharing the food we harvested from our own garden and made together with our families and friends. We made yummy savoury muffins filled with cherry tomato, zucchini and silverbeet. There was also grilled bruschetta, made with slow-cooked cherry tomato sauce with garlic and fresh herbs and melted cheese. We made deliciously chewy ANZAC biscuits as well as sweet potato and chickpea vegie burgers for a meat-free option for the sausage sizzle.

This was a free event that was a great success and highlighted Springfield Gardens’ commitment to community involvement and participation, and celebrated how special it is that we are able to grow, harvest, create and share delicious food with each other. The launch also had two face-painting artists and there were balloon animals for the kids. It was a beautiful, colourful, happy afternoon spent in the sunny garden and I am happy to report there was a smile on each and every face there.