The 24 Carrot Garden Project establishes the gold standard of school kitchen gardens partnered with fun, learning activities in the creative arts, culinary arts, science and sustainability. We are proudly aligned with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation program and currently have twelve schools participating, plus a sister after-school garden in the New Orleans neighbourhood of St. Roch.

As hosts of the project, Mona provides and facilitates:

Funding: To date, we have secured over $900k in financial support – $670k from the Tasmanian business community and $296k from the state government.

Leadership: We employ two dedicated project managers and contribute to the salaries of kitchen and garden teachers who implement the 24 Carrot Gardens Project within school communities.

Architectural design: Each school is paired with a leading hot architectural firm to develop a unique garden design based on whole-school community engagement. 

Fun and creative learning: In 2017 we will focus on developing our creative and culinary arts pathways through a series of curated workshops and masterclasses.